A little more than two years ago I created a presentation called “Writing Cleaner Code”. I shared this with my teams at LogRhythm and with our offshore partners at Global Logic when I had the chance (of a lifetime!) to visit their office in Noida, India.

Presentation: “Writing Cleaner Code” (Google Slides)

Basically, this is a book report, covering key concepts from Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin’s outstanding book Clean Code, along with some interpretation, explanation, and augmentation by me. This book was mind-opening for me as a programmer and as a new manager of programmers because it helped me understand how to start having conversations with other engineers about what “good code” and “bad code” actually were. Learning this content will make you a better developer. If you’re a software engineer and you haven’t read this book go do that now!.

Note: I’ve moved the presentation to Google Slides and I’m working through fixing some of the formatting. Thanks for your patience!